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our mission

everything we do is driven by our belief that seriously chic childrens’ clothes can be made and sold in ways that make the lives of families from the source to the consumer better.


that means we work with craftspeople using traditional artisanal methods that are passed down through families over generations, fair-trade finishing facilities, family businesses, and not-for-profit suppliers that believe in the same things we do.

artisan making organic baby swaddle

a seamstress in one of our fairtrade workshops

and it means we are always thinking about how we can do good in the world.


that means we sell our clothes in ways that make your life simpler – in limited edits that are easy to buy (no more hours wasted on-line searching for bits and pieces to make up a gift or fill out your child's wardrobe) and come with our worry-free guarantee.

clothes for little girl and baby made from organic cotton


that means we are transparent about how your childrens’ clothes are made – we tell you who makes them, the facilities we make them in, and the fabrics and dyes we use.  

artisans making baby swaddles from organic cotton

tailors finish our infantswear by hand

seriously chic

and it means that the children you love are always going to be beautifully and stylishly dressed.