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why sets?

it’s so much easier! 

we’ve all spent hours shopping online, paging through hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of options, only to abandon our shopping cart at the end of a wasted evening because we were overwhelmed by the number choices. there’s even a name for it – the paradox of choice. we solve that problem for you. buying one of our sets – each one a limited edit curated by our fashion director – means the child in your life will be beautifully outfitted. simple and easy.

buying a gift of childrens clothes made from organic cotton

you get handcrafted product at a fair price!

artisanal products can be higher priced because crafting them isn’t cookie cutter. unlike factory-made clothing (yes, that means everything from your favorite traditional-retail brands!), our handcrafted items are made by artisans, family-run businesses, fair-trade workshops, and ngos. that process is less predictable, and just slower sometimes. selling in sets means we can keep working with all of our wonderful partners, without marking up our prices in response. you get a luxury product that is fairly-priced and fair to our makers. win, win!

childrens clothes made from organic cotton